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III. Tracking and Transparency

Dissertation Progress Report Module: After a successful development and pilot launch to Chemistry and five other departments during Phase I, the Yale Graduate School released the Dissertation Progress Report Module to all of its programs in April 2007. Its usefulness was immediately felt during the pilot phase in how it organized in an electronic format current evaluations for immediate review by the DGS and dissertation adviser providing more context for advisory discussions among faculty and more timely feedback for students. As time goes on, past and present evaluations will be available for simultaneous review allowing for greater continuity and precision in advising. "Closure" notifications have now been implemented to prompt students to review the comments made by advisors, DGS’s, and deans after all parties have submitted them, as well as the ability for any commentator to send a report back one step in the sequence for clarification or revision. The reception of the on-line system for submitting these annual reports from students has been overwhelmingly positive, and the ability to monitor the submission of these reports through an electronic process will enable the Graduate School to utilize them more effectively going forward in order to enhance accountability among both students and advisers.

Data Collection and Program Profiles: Web-based program profiles, available at the link below, were created several years ago for each Ph.D. program at the Yale Graduate School and we continue to update them annually. The profiles include admissions statistics, data on time to degree and attrition, and data on career choices at the time of graduation and five years after graduation. We continue to collect and post these data on-line with the hope that they will provide a greater measure of transparency for prospective students, current students, faculty, and all others interested in the course and progress of graduate education at Yale.

Web-based Program Profiles

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The Featured Profile* section highlights partner universities that have developed creative and/or effective approaches to optimizing Ph.D. completion, particularly for underrepresented minorities and women. Featured Profiles may include details about the structure and design of the project, the shape and effectiveness of implementation, results of recent or ongoing data analyses, and/or information about notable project leaders. For more general profiles of each participating university (including contact information and a list of participating programs), please see Project Participants.

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*If you would like your university to be featured in this section, please contact Nathan Bell.

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