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Ph.D. Completion Project featured at the 45th CGS Annual Meeting:

December 7, 2005, 9:00-11:30 AM
Measuring Doctoral Attrition and Completion: Pre-Meeting Workshop

Outcome measures such as degree completion and job placement are playing an increasingly important role in the assessment of doctoral programs. This workshop will focus on the measurement and analysis of doctoral completion and attrition. The workshop will provide quantitative templates for measuring completion rates and attrition patterns as well as qualitative tools (such as sample exit interviews) for assessing the causes of attrition and for measuring the impact of policy and practice interventions designed to enhance doctoral completion rates. We will focus on concrete strategies, sound principles, and effective practices of data collection and analysis.

December 8, 2005, 11:00 AM-12:00 PM
PhD Program Outcomes: The Feasibility and Value of Comparisons

This session will focus on the comparability of institutional data. Using data from three universities representing three countries (Australia, Canada, and the US), speakers will address the feasibility of comparing outcome data such as completion rates and times-to-degree as well as what their universities are doing to improve doctoral completion and attrition in light of institutional and international differences in Ph.D. program requirements and outcomes.

Click on the links below to view PowerPoint presentations by Peter Diffley and others (University of Notre Dame), Barbara Evans (The University of Melbourne) and Fred Hall (McMaster University).

Reducing the Cost of Graduate Attrition: a Joint Project Sponsored by the Council of Graduate Schools

Achieving Quality Timely Doctoral Completions

Are international comparisons feasible for PhD times-to-degree (TTD) and completion rates?


Ph.D. Completion and Attrition featured in a Technical Workshop session at the 2005 CGS Summer Workshop for Graduate Deans

Click on the links below to view PowerPoint presentations by Daniel Denecke (CGS), Helen Frasier and Heath Brown (CGS), Orlando Taylor (Howard University) and Lewis Siegel (Duke University).

Ph.D. Completion Project: Overview & Update

Ph.D. Completion: A Compelling National Interest

Ph.D. Completion at Duke University:
Some Interventions and Their Initial Effects


Ph.D. Completion and Attrition featured in concurrent session at 2004 CGS Annual Meeting

Click on the links below to view PowerPoint presentations by Daniel Denecke (CGS), Howard Jackson (University of Cincinnati), and Maureen Grasso (University of Georgia).

The Ph.D. Completion Project: Overview and Research Agenda

A New Context Supporting Ph.D. Completion: A Longitudinal Study of 20 Doctoral Programs

Strategic Intervention for Doctoral Completion

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