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Project Participants


Research Partners
Overall, twenty-nine universities have received funding as Research Partners in the two phases of the Ph.D. Completion Project. These institutions participate in a rigorous regimen of data collection, interventions, and assessment.

Below are links to lists of Research Partners for each project phase, with participating programs and contact information for program directors.

Phase I (2004-2007):

Phase II (2007-2010):

Project Partners
The Ph.D. Completion Project community includes Project Partners that participate in various aspects of the project. An additional 25 universities participate as Project Partners.

Project Partners are:

  1. invited to attend general convenings designed for all Partners of the Ph.D. Completion Project;
  2. encouraged to submit data on completion and attrition (in exchange for access to program data reported in the Project as it evolves); and
  3. have full access to information generated in the project as it develops.